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A successful attempt at doing extremely bad music. - 0%

Corimngul, December 23rd, 2004

The first word coming to my mind listening to this demo is crap. Although crap is a far too positive word to fully describe this awful, shitty noise without any justification whatsoever. It is scary that someone manages to do such bad music and even scarier that people listen to it. Drumming is said to be executed by a human but sound much closer to what an industrial hardcore drumming machine would do. Guitars and bass are mostly inaudible, and when one hears the guitar, it’s just one riff being repeated into eternity in a furious haste. At the end of the second (and last) song, there is 20 seconds long melodic breakdown just featuring guitar which, while it sucks, is way better than the rest of this record. I’m not sure if they had percussion on this demo, but I sure didn’t hear the didgeridoo.

The vocals are nothing but unintelligent, but furious hardcore punk scream/growls done by a voice that isn’t enough. And then it’s the mix. You hear these crappy, weak screams a lot and then only the drums. These guys don’t know what arrangement or complexity is all about, they have just decided to play everything as fast and loud as they could. And the result is bad. Real bad. Real, real, real, real bad. Stay away from this one, pray that you don’t have to hear it and pay to avoid the shit. The demo isn’t even three minutes long, but even so it drives you insane.