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Disfigured Divinity - Zapotectron

Soaring Melodic Death - 80%

Gespenster, June 21st, 2013

In the realm of melodic death metal, Austrian quintet Disfigured Divinity is a band that proves to hold great potential. Two years after forming in 2011, they released their debut full-length album entitled “Zapotectron.” Even for a first try, this record possesses a good surplus of things for the metal crowd to enjoy.

One of the greater highlights of “Zapotectron” is the musicianship. To begin, the aggressive vocals brandish a high range between deep growls, mid-pitch roars, and throaty highs. On the other side, the clean singing, while at times somewhat forced and cheesy, particularly in the chorus for the first track “Aeons of Reincarnation,” it is done rather strongly as well. It sounds deep, but the way it is mixed gives it an atmospheric tone, thus becoming more appealing to the ears. The guitars also hold up nicely, boasting a plentiful of potent riffs and melodies throughout the album, and the fast-paced drums do a great job of serving as a solid yet technical framework for the music.

On top of all this, the production and mixing are also performed very well. There is plenty of resonance put into the instruments by these elements for the audience to become attached to. In fact, the atmosphere from the mixing even gives the music a further sense of explosiveness along with the songwriting, giving the melodies a more epic feel to them in the process. Along with the potent musicianship, the production also functions well in this album.

In “Zapotectron,” Disfigured Divinity delivers eleven tracks packed with energy-filled melodic death metal. As stated earlier, the songs are very explosive, due to the album’s sense of dynamic and the stellar musicianship. Though it mostly contains sonic melodic metal, there is a small handful of somewhat quieter moments to make the louder parts much more effective. The melodic death formula behind these songs ultimately works because of its speed and energy, making the record quite an energetic listen. While the album doesn’t offer much in terms of inventiveness towards its genre, there are enough factors to make it enjoyable nonetheless.

“Zapotectron” has been revealed to be a strong start for this relatively new group. In all regards, the band fares well, from the musicianship to the sound production to the songs themselves. The instrumentation is well showcased, and on top of that, the mixing makes it sound all the more pleasurable. In addition, the songs are written quite strongly as well, with dynamic structure and engaging velocity. Again, although the music overall isn’t very innovative, it is performed greatly, and any fan associated with melodic metal should try it out. Disfigured Divinity has taken off on a solid first step forward.

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