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Brutality Down Under! - 95%

JackLane, January 6th, 2013

Funny story how I got into these guys. Their full length album “Sunken Chambers of Nephilim” was for on the rack at a cd shop so I had a look, and did not have a single clue what the logo said. As any metalhead would know, an illegible logo means nothing but pure brutality! So I bought it and it was the best risk I have ever taken in my life. No joke, it was one of the most brutal death metal cd’s I had ever heard. It was the perfect mix between tech and slam. And their 2012 promo is exactly the same, straight out brutality, but probably more brutal again. The production on this promo is way better than the album and adds a brilliant intro just to build up the intensity.

It all begins with an introduction with a really creative name… Introduction. Even though it is only a fifty second song, its brutality is unimaginable. It starts with a slamming guitar riff being chugged while the drums crash behind it and soon turn into a strangely timed blast which gets you pumped for the breakdown you are about to receive. And then bang! Right into an extremely brutal breakdown accompanied by Jordan Philps inhuman growls, the perfect way to start a brutal death metal release.

Next is the song “Forced Adornment of the Funerary Crown”. It starts slow but you honestly can’t imagine that Disentomb would make a slow song. Blast beats soon appear topped off with Jake Wilkes brutal riffage. This song is what all Disentomb fans want, fast brutal death metal with some slower parts to build intensity. I saw this band live with Cannibal Corpse and Entrails Eradicated and the crowd nearly went as crazy for Disentomb as they did for Cannibal! This Song is so powerful live and the riffage could not play a better part combined with Henri Sison’s extreme drumming and Tom Joice’s brutal bass playing.

Next up is my personal favourite of this promo. Abominations Created Through Divinity. This song goes straight into a fast blast with small rolls amongst the beats to give it some variety, similar to the blast at the start of “Festering Vomitous Mass” by Devourment. This track cannot possibly disappoint any brutal death metal fans. The mixing of this promo was very brutal too, making the snare slightly louder to make blast beats much more extreme. The guitars in this song are very technical too, along with the song structure. About half way through, this song has some very strange time changes, but it doesn’t stop the overall brutality.

To conclude, Disentomb – 2012 Promo is a perfect release to download (Because it hasn’t been released on hard copy) if you like brutal death metal. And if you haven’t heard Disentomb before then you are missing out big time! The best of Aussie death metal by far in my opinion and are just getting bigger and bigger, so check them out and prepare your ears for the brutality of a lifetime. \m/