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One ugly monster... - 89%

ManualDisembowelment, July 6th, 2004

In the Doom Metal scene the mighty Disembowelment is almost legendary. With an unlikely mix of Grind and Doom, Disembowelment creates something threatening yet very atmospheric. Dusk has three songs, all of which were re-recorded on the follow up. Production wise the guitars aren’t as prominent as many bands have now a days, but the sound still ends up heavy as fuck. Vocals are low as fuck that fit in perfectly with the music. The rhythm section fits quite well with the nature of the music also.

I mentioned that everything on this EP was re-recorded, I have yet to hear the full length, but as far as people tell me the tracks are a bit more up tempo then the full length.

The first Track: 9:18 The Tree of Life and Death starts things off quickly with some heavy as fuck guitar playing. This lasts for about 3 minutes until a slower section starts. This section is merely here to pound your face into the fucking ground. Just when you think your face couldn’t get bashed anymore, Disembowelment throw in a quick pace right before the pounding commences. The song then finishes on the slow heavy section.

The Second track: 11:55 Burial at Ornans continues much of what the First track was. It’s a bit slower altogether but is much heavier.

The Third Track: 8:26 Cerulean Transience of all my Imagined shores is perhaps the most outstanding track on here. The Song is the slowest here but stands a notch above the rest. The distorted guitars are layered slow clean guitar melodies on this one, giving it a very bleak and depressive feeling.

Everything on this record is outstanding work to say the least. Disembowelment have managed to create one unique monster with this one.