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Take the portal to the past, not the present one. - 50%

Zodijackyl, March 14th, 2012

Diseased Oblivion assemble an interesting mix of harsh dark ambient noise and blackish metal. The first two tracks have more harsh ambience, while the latter tracks (recorded in earlier years) have a doomier feel. Throughout, it's quite raw and rough, though appropriately so.

The first two tracks weave in and out of reverberated mechanical noises and black metal segments. On their own they're good for what they are, but they feel disjointed when it shifts from one style to another. The noise builds a great atmosphere, but it's uncomfortably pieced with sections of music that feel like tangents in the longer piece.

The funeral trudge of "Ghosts Of Nuclear Winter" grinds on as industrial noises and deep sirens are layered over it, building up from one piece to a thick layer of distorted sounds. The doomy atmosphere is certainly the band's strength, maintaining and increasing it from minimal to heavily layered instrumentation.

The production fits the music throughout - quite noisy and rough most of the time, but that's good for this. The songwriting is really stretched for the longer tracks, and the noise is better paired with rather than separated from the traditional instrumentation.

I realize it's only a demo, but it feels incomplete in places. Strengths and weaknesses show, the band could improve with stronger songwriting and embracing the blackened doom thing they have going, or they could drift into oblivion with the lengthy noisy tracks. The first two tracks were recorded in 2011, the third in 2010, and the fourth in 2009. Take the portal to the past.