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Some of the Best Grindcore I’ve Ever Heard! - 100%

Vincevon, November 20th, 2022

While trying to expand my knowledge of grindcore bands I came across Discordance Axis. A band from New Jersey and has a unique sound. Sounded like it was for me. And boy, was it ever.

First of all, the album cover does not reflect the music inside. It’s this beautiful ocean with an amazing sky, something that would be in like a relaxation soundtrack or something. And for me, it does just that. Relaxes. This and “Colors” by Between the Buried and Me are great relaxation pieces. Sure, an acquired taste for relaxation but amazingly relaxing for me.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the music here. In grindcore fashion, most of the songs are less than a minute long. Something that is not in grindcore fashion is the fact that this amazing vocalist, Jon Chang, has this horrifying shriek that is sure to spook anyone, even the toughest people around. Usually in grindcore, it’s this very low pitched voice but not here. Now, Chang does also use the low pitch, mostly featured in the song “Vacuum Sleeve” and his low pitch is really guttural and sounds great. Another highlight is Dave Witte, the drummer. Definitely one of my favorite drummers moving forward. It’s not blast beats all the way through, he adds a lot of groove and progressive elements in it to keep it really interesting. Another highlight (I’m just naming everybody in the band at this point) is the guitarist Rob Marton. These riffs are spectacular. Hugely groovy and chuggy and blazing fast when it needs to be.

Strangely enough, with seventeen songs of pure insanity, it never gets boring. This is odd, especially in grindcore. If you listen to “Scum” by Napalm Death (the album that invented grindcore), there are many songs where you just sort of zone out and it’s a bunch of noise, but never here. On songs like track ten, “Loveless” where the music stops and it’s just the screaming it’s stunning. Really stunning. That part gives me shivers. Or on track seventeen, “A Leaden Stride to Nowhere” with the doomy breakdowns. It’s hard to forget tracks like these.

The lyrics here are exemplary. Highly metaphoric and interesting, not about regular grindcore stuff like politics or killing or something shallow like that.

Here on Metal Archives it says that Rob Marton left because he got seizures from standing too close to the amp during shows. But in a 2001 article from Lambgoat it says “Due to severe ear damage, guitarist Rob Marton will no longer be able to play with the band. Rather than continue without him, the band has chosen to lay the group to rest.” Whatever the reason may be for breaking up, it’s sad that they had to break up. This band is easily one of my favorite bands I found this year. This musicality here is exquisite and the vocals are screamed to perfection. A really flawless album.

Highlights: Vacuum Sleeve, The Necropolitan, The Third Children