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Looking more and more distinct to me. - 85%

Inhuman_Abomination, October 17th, 2020
Written based on this version: 1988, Cassette, Independent

Released in 1988, the Power of Death demo contains 4 tracks that would eventually end up on the following full-length; the masterpiece Power Trap. Recorded at the local university radio station, the sound quality is quite good, the mix is ok, and in all, the instruments are captured well and there is good separation.

'Shades of Grey,' with its progressive melodic passages and shredding lead work, jump back and forth with its Slayer like riffing and Tom Araya meets Randy Savage vocals. Destined to become their anthem, this incarnation of the song is slightly slower, with a superfluous nonsense ending that gets nixed on the album. 'Power Trap' is the one track on the demo that does get an eventual reworking. Initially presented here as an instrumental, it will get treated to lyrics later on in its final form. Lyrics or not, it is no less than a display of Extreme Aggression / Reign in Blood riffs, solos abound, and brilliant drumming. The name sake track, 'Disciples of Power,' starts and stops its way though its Rattlehead-esque lyrics, basically a hymn to the life at your typical thrash gig of the time. 'Bitch of Doom' is more of your traditional thrash fare. Music wise it is more akin to the less technical bands of the time like Aggression or early Sacrifice.

A great demo, that highlights a vicious mixture of Slayer, Sacrifice and Kreator with the melodic highlights of Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. The playing, as with all Disciples of Power releases, is flawless. The drumming and lead work is technical, bordering on virtuosity; and the rhythm playing and vocals are rabid and unhinged. The only slight flaw I can find with this release are the lyrics. They can be a little vapid approaching absurd, but not enough to detract from the quality of the songs. I normally prefer demos over the album that follows, but as good as the songs are this recording, the final form they take on Power Trap are perfect.