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Nice, catchy USPM - 86%

Cronos12390, November 23rd, 2007

To start, I have no idea how this band got labeled as having lyrical themes about "God, Religion" on this site. Just take the first two songs "Neck-Breaking Woman" and "Here and Now". The former is lyrically generic "Sexual" stuff, while the latter might be (I'm not sure I recall every lyric) about rape. "Beloved of the Butcher" may have had some religious message, but I couldn't make out all the lyrics. Most of the lyrics seem to be about womanizing and partying... But enough of that, and on to the music of this release.

The most succinct definition I might give of this band's sound would be "Def Leppard's later material with balls". They have those bouncy chord progressions and riffs that ring reminiscent of some glam rock bands of the eighties, but they did a good job of keeping in mind first and foremost that they are a metal band, while at the same time having some pop sensibilities evidenced by many catchy choruses and riffs. The solos are pretty standard (While enjoyable) pentatonic/minor/major scale solos and when they're played, you can tell they have only one guitar player, as all you hear in the background is the drummer (Going at the standard 4/4 pattern he does for most of the album) and the bass player (Whom plays a very nice riff at the beginning of "Believe It Or Not", if I might mention as an aside) doubling the main guitar riff. The vocalist, I found to be competent, mostly staying in the mid-range, hardly going much higher/lower than that, but still put on a fine performance. For some rock-ish power metal/speed metal, this is definitely something to look into.