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Discharge > State Violence State Control > Reviews
Discharge - State Violence State Control

Uh-oh... sounds like more revolt anthem! - 89%

Funeral_Shadow, April 2nd, 2006

This is probably Discharge's most metallic sounding single from their early 80's catalog. This is some classic d-beat hardcore punk dubbed with some real shredding going on. This single is the shortest single in terms of tracks but it's also their best single from the early 80's.

What I always have liked about Discharge is that they have this recording quality that is at a "live" sound. Listening to this single makes you feel like you're at a Discharge show... I suppose most of that is due to everything sounding sort of echo-ish. It adds to the interest of the music I must say because it is full of energy. Mix this idea with their metallic sounding guitar riffs and you have a great single!

"State Violence/State Control" is the highlight of the single with its straightforward thrash-like riff throughout the song. It repeats over and over and has a chorus line... then starts again. Discharge is known to also have monstrous solos in their songs, and this song further demonstrates that. If it was up to me, I'd probably mistake this for some early hardcore punk influenced thrash metal band. "Dooms' day" is done in plain classic hardcore punk fashion and done the right way by the masters. The production for this song isn't as metallic and distorted as "State Violence/State Control" which is always something weird about Discharge singles being most of the tracks has varied production. This doesn't affect the listening of the track though because this still is a catchy and moshful track to listen to. The riff isn't as thrashy as "State Violence/State Control" but it's still the great song to thrash to and get piss drunk to. Of course, the chorus line is a great shout-out-loud verse which is nothing new for Discharge.

For something coming from the early 80's, this is pretty fucking extreme and innovative. This is also pretty metallic compared to their other singles released around this time. This is a single with balls coming from a band with greater balls as well so check this out if you want to hear some great metallic hardcore punk.

Ear Candy: The two tracks are essential listening.