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We've Been Shit on Far too Long! - 90%

xThe__Wizard, April 8th, 2013

This single truly captivates the essence of Discharge. Once a Sex Pistols rip, then a Motorhead rip off, this album in my opinion is the true sound of what Discharge is. The guitars are scratchy, the bass is a low rumble, the drums have that signature discharge beat, and the vocals are pissed off. This is what I love about punk, the raw aggression and the fact that they are unhindered by talent to deliver their message of death, destruction, and nuclear devastation.

The first track is Decontrol and the drum beat is a constant punk beat played primarily on the toms. A pretty mid-paced song that gradually gets more angry, especially in the vocal department where Cal starts from an average volume to screaming frantically into the microphone. The solo is simplistic, but effective as Discharge weren't the most musically proficient.

The next song is It's No TV Sketch. Some people are confused by the song title, which just means war isn't some movie with make-up artists and special effects, but real blood being spilled. This song is my favorite Discharge song as it's really angry and fast and noisy. If you want to show someone what a d-beat is, this is the song to choose. The chorus has a great gang vocal chant as well.

The last song, The World Belongs to Us, is similar to It's No TV Sketch in that it is a 3 chord d-beat song with a great chorus that you will find yourself chanting to yourself more than you would think. Has the simple two note solo that Discharge is known for as well.

All in all, this is when Discharge was dominating and changing hardcore punk. If you purchase the Clay Punk singles collection, you can hear the change in sound and it is pretty interesting to hear how they changed a lot over a short period of time. Definitely worth purchasing if you can find it.