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It Could Have Been Worse - 78%

Paskamato, February 9th, 2008

Reunion / back to the roots - records of classic bands are not easy ones to review. Too often these new recordings have very little to do with the original thing. Discharge, however, managed to do a decent reunion album in 2002. Since s/t album was released, singer Cal, the only member who had been on every single Discharge record, have left the band. That leaves Bones, Rainy and Tez - all original members of Discharge, alone with new singer Rat from classic UK hardcore band Varukers.

While s/t sounded like "Hear Nothing..." been put into new decade, this three song 7" reminds me quite a lot of "Why" mini-LP. "Blood of the Innocent" and "They Lie, You Die" are straightforward anthems not unlike the ones Discharge made in the 80´s. Both are actually quite good songs and would stand up being compared with songs from "Why", apart from Rats vocals that at times sound quite blurred. The vocal section is actually the biggest turn off of these songs, failing to give the music the final kick into destructive power that early Discharge had.

The third song, title track, shows the more metallic edge of Discharge. Actually "Beginning of the End" is not far from the metallic crustpunk of Extinction of Mankind. The song has catchy chorus and nice bass-lines but the main riff doesn´t deliver such an apocalyptic atmosphere as it should deliver.

As a conclusion, Discharge has written three fine songs in their best tradition. Yet there is something in the songs and in the way they are performed that prevents them being classics. This piece of plastic, however, is not too bad. It rather allows you to hope better from the future of Discharge than shows as the beginning of the end for the band.