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The 3 Song Teaser! - 50%

GuyOne, March 1st, 2006

If one thing could be said it's that Discard sounds tight on this demo. They play excellently together and it really is hard to believe that this is a demo. The only problem is the vocals. It's hard to say if the style is suppose to be death but poorly executed or the screeching growl. Some parts almost sound like Chris Barnes while other parts sound almost black metal like. It works alright but not anything to get excited about.

The short solo in 'Pulse' sounds fast and tempting but is much too short. The rest of the song is an above average thrashy metal song. Very pleasing to the ears. The riffs are hard and quite memoriable.

The same is to be said about 'We Disintegrate' but with abit of a Pantera type groove thrown into the mix. The melody is great and can easily make you bob your head. Half way there is a breakdown that leaves it's self without a full finish. It gives you a hint of what the band wants to accomplish but doesn't have the arsenal to do so.

The third song on the demo 'Forget' hits you just like the last track. Melodies to please any Pantera fan but this time with a few leads thrown into the mix and some clean tone guitar work (Faintly to be heard in the background, listen closely!). The song isn't nearly long enough and again leaves you wanting more.

This demo is more of a teaser. The band displays their influences and what they want to do without actually going there. It's decently done but leaves you wanting to hear exactly what they bring to the table and seperates them from other bands.