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Thoughts for the Thoughtless - 80%

Erebus_Unleashed, June 14th, 2010

Friedrich Nietzsche once said "Art is the proper task of life." If he were alive, he would have looked at this band as part of the manifestation of his reasoning pertaining to that quote, albeit(admittedly) he'd be a little confused by its execution.

To be frank, I LOVE technical death metal and all of its systematic cacophony(forgive my bias). Disavowed happens to be in that spectrum, so I figured I would peruse.

Hearing what they have to offer, I'm impressed with their emphasis on lyrical content, forcing the listener to actually think about the band's message devoid of what the song sounds like; an idea that I can get behind, to some extent. A good example of their lyrical content would have to be in 'Collateral Causality', the subject of which is the notion of multiple streams of thought. Other than that, they fall somewhat short on that 'revolutionize the genre' scale.

The songs are indeed traditional to technical death metal, being quite intricate; but what they flaunt with their lyrics, they lack(I'm sad to say) in their attempt to separate themselves from the pack. There are a couple songs on this album that do seem to allow the band some semblance of individuality, but not enough to say that they 'started a wave' within the genre.

To be brief, this is an album more for people who want to START listening to modern technical death metal, but will still get veteran metalheads' attention. The non-gory, thought-provoking lyrical content might not sit well with some metalheads; but it sure does with me. The subject of opinion on this album boils down to one thing: are you a thinker?