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Sick As Hell - 100%

hellhippie, June 9th, 2008

This ep is absolute old school sick death. When i purchased this it simply blew me away.Although its only two songs they will have any old school death metal or grind freak loving life with a listen. This is total heaviness beyond belief. If you've heard any other release from them and like anything you hear then this is for you.

Unlike their latter efforts Disastrous Murmur have a raw Pungent Stench sound that has to be heard to be believed.The song extra uterine pregnancy is so bouncy and catchy you can't help but want to be in a crowd going nuts.Heavy is an understatement for the guitar, drums and vocals. Totally distorted and tuned down beyond belief its a shame gore records only pressed 500 of these bad boys. You need to own this.Then comes extra uterine pregnancy that pounds you into the ground with sheer brutality. Almost disgusted in their sound ; this was one of the early heavy ep's that slipped through most people's collection.

If you are a fan of old Autopsy , Pungent Stench , Rottrevore , or any other old school slow bouncy death metal band get your hands on this. Heavy as fuck is an understatement. Its a shame they cleaned up their production so much because they would've went down as one of the greatest bands ever in the early death metal scene. I have not stopped worshiping this album since the day i got it in 1990.Track it down if you can it's worth it!