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Not much to say - 80%

evildude, April 6th, 2009

Disarm Goliath are a hobby band. Otherwise, I can't explain why they haven't released anything for 9 years. And it shows, they have a horrible production, it's the first thing you notice. The vocals are mixed very high, impossibly high. The style is meant to be somewhere buried within the drums and guitars, but these are too clear and it gets annoying. Imagine Candlemass singing Black Dwarf with low tuned guitars. It just doesn't fit. At least the instruments are audible and not simply lost in a general noise.
Also, these guys have pretty annoying choruses. I'm not taking about catchy or well-thought, I'm talking about enjoyable. I'm not a huge fan of the 1 or 2 line repeated choruses, but I can stand them as long as those 2 lines aren't so frustrating. The best example is Deliver because it's not only repetitive, but the combination with the high mix of the vocals and the high tone creates a horror. The counter-example are Man, Machine and Murder and Working the Magic, these are good for some weird reason. Using the classic verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus formula doesn't help either. If you're going to repeat that chorus so many times, at least make sure it's good. Well, it's not horrible, but they're never the high point of any song.

In any case, those are the only flaws on this album. The music is overall enjoyable and they sure give their best. It's rather funny to see them try every trick known to heavy metal, hard rock and rock&roll. The best part about any song here is that is never gets repetitive when it comes to riffs. They're not afraid to experiment and change the rhythm even if they don't pull off some progressive masterpiece. You just get classic riff after classic riff and I was impressed with how it worked out.
None of the songs stand out as particularly imaginative or original, but none sound like a rip-off so I guess you can't expect more from a small band like Disarm Goliath. With the exception of the title track, the songs are rather rockish and all have an 80s feeling.

A good release considering they're just some small, unknown band out there.
Man, Machine and Murder
Working the Magic
Can't Bring Us Down