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Bad t(h)rash - 40%

MetalReaper, November 25th, 2004

Before I review this album, I'd like to give a short lesson about finnish speed/thrash scene in the 80s.

The year 1987: Few bands all around Finland

The year 1988: The number of bands multiplied inspired by the Stone's breakthrough. This kind of music turned out to be trendy and every finnish label should have signed at least one of them, preferably two. Numerous albums were released, but only a few of them are remembered today.

Dirty Damage hailed from Helsinki, the same city which was home for the finnish speed/thrash elite, Stone and Airdash. The band was even promoted as an only true metal act from the capital area, but not because of it's musical achievements. The band members were studying at the local voc-tech on the metal branch.

Taking a look at the tracklist gives a very confusing impression. Some titles seem to be argumentative, but some are just plain stupid. Some of them doesn't even mean anything (what the fuck means "Yah-weh"?)! And because it was fashionable to have some kind of collague, Dirty Damage had to make one too. And Dirty Damage's version is the worst collague I have ever seen! Low-quality pictures and bad jokes, which aren't funny, dominate this mishmash. Why has the crappy "amis-huumori" flourish here, when you have to listen to it most of the time (yup, my life is hell)? It is bad enough to have it on the one side of the sleeve, but it is on the both sides, which causes more nightmares to me and there are no lyrics printed here!

Then let's take a look on the musical side. The first track, "Amisha Mi Papa-Papa", which by the way doesn't mean anything in finnish, doesn't give a good picture about the album with those annoying "Hey!"-yells. I might be wrong, but the drummer sounds crappy, and there's nothing good to say about that guitar. If the "Amisha Mi Papa-Papa" is bad, then the "Justice" is unbearable. The vocalist is on my "The worst vocalists of all-time"-list. It's better that I say nothing more about him. However, there's one good side on the "Justice": it is short!

"Diving Time" has an interesting start, but when the song really starts (thanks to the vocalist!), the song is ruined. But there are some listenable guitar parts here. "Forever Forgotten" is quite unclear, thanks to the messy guitar sound, and that damned vocalist again makes this shitty. The drummer seems to have too many breaks, because the drumming suddenly ends and starts again regularly. "I want to be the President" has weird guitar driven intro, and it doesn't fit here. The bass-riff is not bad, and it actually dominates the track, and it actually saves the track. "Needle in Back" is moderate, so I don't say nothing more about it.

"Fire E. E." is actually an abbreviation from the "Fire Extinguisher Executioner"(!). The guitar-riff is technical, and it can be expected from the bands like Testament or Exodus. There are also many other guitar tricks on the track, which the rest of the album lack. "Hangover" is on the same line, and these two tracks are the album's highlights, while being the different ones. "7 Down" is a return to the expression of the first half of the album. "Yah-Weh on my Mind" is once again short fun-track. The next track, "What am I here for?", offers a surprise: it's an acoustic campfire-song. The vocalist sounds like a Santa Claus sometimes. "Living in America" is similar to other songs, except its often slower and heavier.

So what do we have then? A mediocre album with some good songs and many very bad ones. When talking about the finnish speed/thrash metal of the 80's, this band doesn't instantly spring to mind.