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Dipygus > Bushmeat > Reviews > Nattskog7
Dipygus - Bushmeat

Slime Mold - 80%

Nattskog7, May 13th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Memento Mori

Deep bass ambience drones in with a creepy and simplistic introduction that does the job of backdropping samples and creating a foreboding atmosphere of terror. A swarm of bestial and ravenous guitars and drums erupt into fruition topped by whammy bar abuse before driving into pungent grooves with putrid vocals. The odious and barbaric style of the music follows gloriously from the last full length with doomy hooks akin to legendary bands such as Cianide while Dipygus definitely have a unique murk to their sound. Spewing riffs coat the barrages of drums in an oozing tar that match the swampy grunted vocals with rancid precision. This is going to be a disgustingly killer record.

Reeking and bellowing with a disturbingly dark filth, the storming sounds are unrelenting with so many torturous and crushing ideas being brought to life as a monolithic fungoid assault. There is inarguably tight songwriting that thanks to the gruesome production feels really rotten and unapologetic. Funebre style doomy parts continually intersperse the high-octane blasts to contrast them and accentuate the filthily crawling spew of the record. On the other end of the spectrum is a sensationally grim grind of buzzing offal from the whole band as the screeching soundscapes turn into bursts of insanity. A wickedly ferocious concoction.

Between the blasts and the atmospherics lies a nice balance of mid-tempo hooks that bands such as Undergang favour for the grittiest and most unsavoury death metal torment. This naturally suits the music with appropriately distinguished riffs and drums stopping the album from becoming derivative while the cavernous, swampy approach will definitely appeal to fans of Fetid, Cerebral Rot and Hyperdontia. The more sparse and eerie tracks have a spectral quality that adds superbly morbid moods to the otherwise more visceral record, showing the band certainly has more than one trick of turbulent destruction up their sleeve. Hear for yourself how brutish and primal death metal warps into viscera-throwing progressions for a truly crushing listen.

A fearsome and daunting monolith of rotting grotesqueries with buckets of odious atmosphere dripping from the walls of sound to be purged by a sonic assault of epic proportions. This is nasty and deathly heavy while having plenty of character, just the way death metal should be. Listen to it and be rewarded with a series of bludgeoning blows, landing unadulterated death metal might with each strike.

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