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Sign of good power metal! - 80%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 18th, 2003

Dionysus is straight out power metal with a hint of neo-classical infulence. This album is pretty good, I would rank it up there with a lot of quality power metal albums. It starts off really good, but it slows down towards the end. Production is good, vocals are good, the riffs are standard power metal style, but the soloing is awsome, and a lot better than some of the power metal guitarists out there. There is a hint of neo-classic in Dionysus guitar solo's, but besides that the riffs, drumming, and singing sound a lot like Edguy.

The first song Time Will Tell opens this album with an impression of straight power metal. The sounds of violins mixed with guitars and then a blazing riff is pure equation for power metal. Instantely as the vocals come in you will think Edguy, or as Nightcrawler pointed out, Helloween. Like I said before, the solo's are total neo-classical worship, which is hearbale on this first song. The chorus sounds a lot like the song All The Clowns (Edguy- Tears of the Mandrake).

The next couple songs have some awsome riffs that are fast, sweet, and very edgy. The tempo in each song varies; one song will sound like Edguy, but the next song will sound like Primal Fear! A very nice mix up. Despite these tempo changes the drummer does double bass throughout this album. He must really be tired at the end, cause it is almost nonstop. All the songs are pretty good up to and including Don't Forget. All these songs are catchy (sometimes cheesy), great riffs and awsome solo's. There is even a keyboard solo on the song Bringer Of Salvation, which is really good.

Don't Forget is a nice change of pase. An acroustic guitar and a six minute ballad. The structure is nice; it reminds me a lot of Malmsteen's softer songs. Not bad, but after this song it all goes downhill. Walk On Fire, the next song, is realtively slow, and keeps the pase at where it was. The singing also starts to drop in quaility. While the beat is great, the song just lacks greatness. The next two songs are good songs, the last one being a bonus. Definetly some awsome speed riffing, but nothing much.

I liked this album a lot; while it doesn't open a new sound of power metal, it copies different styles and smashes them togther. If you like Malmsteen, Edguy, Helloween, or Pell you will probably like this stuff. All the songs up to and including Don't Forget are killer! Recommended to power metal fans!