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A very solid power metal debut. Worth checking out - 78%

Nightcrawler, February 9th, 2003

Now here's an interesting band. The lineup contains a few quite well known musicians, those being Olaf Hayer on vocals (also from Luca Turilli), Ronny Milianowicz on drums (also from Sinergy) and Kaspar Dahlqvist on keyboards (also from the Swedish power metal band Stormwind). Then we have Johnny Öhlin on guitars and Nobby Noberg on bass.
They make a solid lineup, and with Sign of Truth they have released a great debut. So there's the history lesson, on to the music.
There's nothing really original about these, but they're not an exact copy of another band, which is always a good thing. A good comparison could be made with late Helloween, if anything. Memorable and often quite uplifting melodies and choruses, great soloing and riffing. Some of the riffs would not have been out of place on The Dark Ride, mainly from the songs Bringer of Salvation, Anthem (For the Children) and the title track.
There are more keyboards than in bands like Helloween, creating a neo-classical sound, but they're used overly much like in Rhapsody.
There's a good amount of bass, and it's very well played. The drummer does his job, but he seems to rely a bit much on the double bass for the most part. There's alot of pounding double bass rhythms during the verses and choruses, which is not a bad thing, but he doesn't do much else, and it gets a bit boring.

Most of the songs have the same old vers-chorus-vers-chorus-solo-chorus pattern, which is something that often gets on my nerves, and this is no exception. Half of the songs have a bridge of some sort, but half of those seem quite forced, and put there just to keep the songs interesting. They need to change the pattern in the songs a bit. That's one of my biggest complaints about this band. Aside from that, everything works damn fine. The songs in themselves have a nice flow and don't get boring, all of the choruses are very memorable and the songs have great variation. Time Will Tell, the opening track, is very happy and uplifting while Anthem (For the Children) and Bringer of Salvation are of the darker kind. We also have a few ballad-like songs, but only one true ballad, that being Don't Forget. It's very soft, quite happy, and it's not just your average cheesy power metal ballad, there's not much power about it at all.

To name a few highlights would be hard, it's a very even album and all songs are solid one way or another. But Time Will Tell, Bringer of Salvation, the Rhapsody-ish Holy War and the closing song Never Wait are all killer.

So what we have here is a very solid debut from a promising power metal band which will hopefully go on for a while. It's not the best power metal album ever, but definitely worth it if you have some spare money.