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Crusty War Metal - 20%

Petrus_Steele, September 11th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2012, 7" vinyl, Iron Bonehead Productions (Limited edition)

2012 looked like it was a pretty busy year for the band, releasing this respectful EP, then a month later releasing their compilation album, Annihilation Rituals that consists all of their releases before their debut album, and on October being part of the split called Disciples of War with Weregoat. Once again in support of only using the vinyl format, this third EP features two re-recorded versions of Antichrist Hammerfist and Deathstrike Overkill from their debut, while it also features an Anti-Climax cover of Warmachine and a Doom cover of After the Bomb. Both bands are crust punk, and I suppose both bands are appropriate for the crustiness.

Antichrist Hammerfist sounds very raw and somewhat noisy, but the vocals are quite understandable and more in the growling form rather than the shrieking like in the original. This version is also longer, and whatever the extended length was meant for, it made this song more likable. As for Deathstrike Overkill, it's also extended by about an extra minute than the original. Crusty and doomy is one way to describe this song, though the mix is really awful and unbearable.

The Anti-Climax cover of Warmachine I guess is how extreme hardcore sounds like. The guitars sound catchy I must say, but the song is pretty much on repeat. The Doom cover of After the Bomb sounds more hardcore than Warmachine, though the short length of that song didn't really accumulate to anything remarkable. So at least the former covered track sounded better, despite being repetitive.

I guess crust music isn't for me, not to mention the modernized crustification of the two covered songs didn't sound the best. I'm sure the originals sound better. But with all that crust, I was impressed with how they re-recorded Antichrist Hammerfist. I wouldn't say it's a bad EP or the "crust" genre that anyone relates to, but if that's what you like, then I guess you'd like this EP.