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A Directionless Cult - 30%

Petrus_Steele, September 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2009, CD, Invictus Productions

Compiling four small and intriguing releases before their debut was recorded, you've got a definite war metal sound that describes black metal's riffage, blast beats, and shrieks, the music sounding more like death metal, and the raw production for the atmosphere being based from grindcore elements, Doom Cult grants that pleasure with seven new songs and two re-recorded versions of the title track and The Iron First (which was originally titled as Order of the Iron Fist on their masterpiece EP, Decimator) and both of these two songs are short in comparison to their original versions.

Diocletian, in general, were recommended to me by a friend because of their death metal essence; within the very complex war metal fusion of multiple subgenres of extreme metal. I gave them the exception to see if their aesthetics can beat my chaotic taste in the likes of brutal death metal and deathgrind, and so far I wasn't disappointed. Just the fact that they're staying true or close to death metal and/or grindcore is what aspired me to try them out.

Just to start off with the two re-recorded songs, Doom Cult starts with a long alarm and some minor drumming before the song's initial opening. Once the alarm shuts off, the song sounds VERY raw compared to its older/original version/s. The drums sound the loudest, which was very hard to analyze any other sound. Also, the fact that they cut the long and slow outro that sounded so good and made this song significantly shorter, nothing was achieved with this version. As for The Iron Fist, it's as raw as the title track, only the music is more audible and more chaotic than the original, especially the clean outro shout was awesome. I guess it's as good as the original in its own right.

In comparison, this album - actually almost all of their full-lengths seem to sound shorter than what the EPs and their demo contained, though that's because those songs back then were longer. Doom Cult only has two songs above the 4:00 minute mark. Oath to Ruin's riffage sounds like black metal 100%, yet when the chaos rises from the production, death growls, and drums, it almost eliminates that thought. For the most part, the riffage made the song sound very forgettable and repetitive. It's sheer three minutes of something you've probably heard of already, while its the extra length coincides with the next track, Deathstrike Overkill, which refreshingly has a slow, doomy intro. While it was a better track, and overall a better impression, the amount of the slowed riffs was underwhelming. It only goes crazier right before the song ends. Antichrist Hammerfist is more death metal orientated and quite frankly batshit crazy with the drums and riffage. You get three minutes of that amount of craziness but still falls without proper direction. Bullet Vomited - forgettable as simple as that. And Baphocletian has more guitar layers and more consistent blast beats, yet also goes absolutely no-fucking-where.

When it comes to the two longest tracks: Werewolf Directive sounds like the band's first two releases, which is good. I believe it has the quality of the releases from the past but fell short with its repetitive and directionless approach. At least it's got a catchy outro and a cool title... Heretics is almost like the other half of this record: repetitive and directionless. At least it had actual death growls but to the extent that didn't render this song to the likes of their early work.

Doom Cult ultimately fell short for its repetitive and the lack of impact and the more chaotic direction the demo and the EP's foundation came from. Innovation is one thing, but this album completely lacked one. It's almost as if the band drastically dragged their quality down and didn't perfect what they've recorded in the first place and maybe they never needed to, but this record was going nowhere, consisting ups and downs - mostly downs. Best track is The Iron Fist.