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A bit naff really - 58%

Ayeka, November 4th, 2003

I'm not much of a Dio fan, as what I've heard so far (admittedly not a great deal) from this band is dwarfed by what the man acheived before in Black Sabbath and Rainbow. This song is a rather good example of why. We Rock is not an offensive song, a straightforward no-bullshit rocker, which should be great...but all the energy that a song like this needs to carry it is robbed by the crappy production. That's our Big Ron for you...great lyricist, fantastic singer, shit producer. Maybe if Martin Birch where behind the machine the energy would be there and you would be unable to stop throwing your fist in the is, a few drinks and a good mood are required first.
On the B-side are two of my favourite Dio songs, both of which still manage to sink. These are supposed to be live songs, but you could only tell that from Holy Diver by the few seconds of crowd noise at the beginning and end, otherwise it's identical to the studio version. Fair enough maybe. Rainbow In The Dark's killer keyboard riff, without which it would be just another naff song, is sunk by the fact that Claude Schnell appears to have traded his equipment for a Fisher Price "My First Keyboard" abomination of some kind...and then forgotten then he plays in this song. Yes, when he does start playing halfway through the first riff, he sounds terrible and thus the song is ruined. I am undone.