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2 good albums out of 6 does not warrent a best of - 50%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 29th, 2004

Here is a band or a man in this case, who has had up to this point a long career of varying greatness, but most certainly sucess. What comes with sucess and careers of 10 plus years? Best of Albums! Here is Dio's attemp of a best of album that had some sort of desirabilty to buy and also put some cash in Ronnie's pocket. Well this will put cash in Ronnie's pocket since it adaquitly chronicles his career fairly, representing each album equally (resonably). Making this appealing for people who want a taste of the geezer midget Dio.

This compilation's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. That statement sounds like a load of crap, but its most certainly true. Best of albums that are done in the style of this one are made to represent a bands career with their best songs. They appeal to people who want to know what the band sounds like but who can't download their songs or borrow records, so the option of buying a best of that has songs from the band's entire discography is a great alternative or solution. This album definatly appeals to that type of metal head. It meets the criterea of having the entire dicography chronicled appropriatly, taking the best tracks off each full length album. Dio does this very well on "The Very Beast Of", thus making this best of album absoluty perfect in accomplishing its goal.

This is also the albums crippling flaw. Between the tracks on this album of Dio's albums Holy Diver and Stranger in the Dark (both two great albums with great tracks from these albums on this best of record) this release is filled with the best tracks for the rest of his albums between the two mentioned. Sounds like a good thing, but even the best tracks between these albums [Last in Line and Lock Up the Wolves] range from average and boring to total garbage and wankery. The album only has songs worth listening to from Holy Diver and Strange Highways. Making the rest of the tracks worthless and not desireable to listen to after one listen.

So while this does capture the majority of dio's sound from 1983-1994, it captures alot of horrible songs as well, making this best of kinda useless. This album will get the heavy/power metal fan into dio's two good albums Holy Diver and Strange Highways, but you could of found that out by asking someone eh? Its just worth it to own those two good dio albums and leave this one on the store shelves. It does what its suppose to do, what its suppose to do sucks though.