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decent compilation... - 70%

ironasinmaiden, June 5th, 2003

... but there are way too many post Last in Line, forgettable and mediocre Dio tracks to justify a newbie purchase. I mean, fuck, imagine the disdain of a wayward metalhead who hears "I Could of Been a Dreamer" or "Rock'N'Roll Children" and bases his opinions on that. MOST of the classics are documented here... Last in Line, Stand Up and Shout, Straight Through the Heart. But there are some glaring omissions... particularly Caught in the Middle and Don't Talk to Strangers. Sure, that would totally skew representation towards Holy Diver, but who the hell wants to hear Strange Highways or keyboard laden crap songs that sound more like Depeche Mode than the grand wizard himself?

I'll put it point blank: everything after LiL and up to Killing the Dragon is worthless. A few standout tracks here and there (Dream Evil...) but nothing particularly good. Get Holy Diver instead! That's the REAL very beast of dio.