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Many Songs but Few Deliver - 65%

Five_Nails, September 9th, 2009

Ronnie James Dio, one of the most influential vocalists in the heavy metal community was first a vocalist for the band Rainbow, then for metal gods Black Sabbath, then moved on to begin his solo project, Dio, rejoined Sabbath and today plays with members of Sabbath in Heaven and Hell. He has produced some influential hits including his vocal debut in �Heaven and Hell� with Black Sabbath, the Dio debut �Holy Diver�, and has given heavy metal the most enduring salute of all time, the Devil Horns. Dio�s 2000 compilation, �The Very Beast of Dio�, though featuring most of his greatest hits with Dio up to the year 2000, misses the mark with many of the songs. Containing a sixteen song track listing, it seems that the band ran out of hits to add to the compilation and instead threw in a group of barely passable songs but still called them the best of the best.

Dio�s most notable songs, �Stand Up and Shout�, the heavy �Holy Diver�, the catchy �Rainbow in the Dark�, �Straight Through the Heart�, and the fist pumping �We Rock� are all present, but those first five tracks on the album are the only notable songs in this compilation. After those five begins a line of mediocre songs involving very generic sixties and seventies hard rock riffing, terrible synthesizer that comes off as a shoehorned attempt to appeal to a modern eighties audience, and songs that sound more like pop music than heavy metal.

These Dio songs lose all their gusto by the end of �We Rock� and the failed beginning of �Last in Line� making this the worst catalogue of Ronnie James Dio�s solo project�s offerings I�ve ever heard. This being my first Dio album, it is especially disappointing after the amazing work he did on �Heaven and Hell� and he is doing in the band �Heaven and Hell� because from what is shown from �The Very Beast of Dio�, it seems that he overestimated his talent in his solo project and ran out of ideas.

As has been suggested by many on the Metal Archives, it seems that Dio�s debut, �Holy Diver� is the band�s best album, so I guess I�ll have to pick that up and leave this waste of an album to rot. Don�t get suckered in like I was by the first few on the track listing, those are the only songs that you will recognize or like, everything else is commercial waste undeserving of recognition on any band�s best-of album.