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Meh...scrap metal... - 69%

Snxke, July 6th, 2004

Dio really slipped and fell on this one. The production is thin compared to the legendary first two records, the songwriting is entirely hit or miss and the overall feeling is one of a cliched band that just happened to claim an amazing frontman. Needless to say, Dio showed his first-ever signs of weakness on the CD. It's not without it's merits, but compared the storied first-half of his career this record is a shocking dissapointment.

There are at least four killer tracks on this CD. "King of Rock and Roll" has some great riffs and melodies, the title track bears an epic feel, and "Just Another Day" stand out well enough...but the rest sounds weak and uninspired. Dio was often the best of the best, here he represents the most predicatable of the most predictable. Where he should have taken the reigns from Ozzy as the "king of metal" he released a record that put metal back at least five years.

Dio is a great musician but his solo career has been riddled with constant missteps and backslides into being in a total state of befuddlement as to what is his best and what is his worst. Often times he becomes so "out of touch" with his gifts that a record like this will appear and shock the world with how lifeless it is. This also marked the first time that sales for the Dio product would decline, as fans also noticed this lack of quality.

Dio will always be "the man"...but one has to screen his many albums carefully before he invests his hard earned dollar. If you're a Dio fanatic...the few excellent songs will be enough to keep you happy. If you're just a casual fan or a lover of 80's metal this might not do it. I'd even say "skip it" and pick up "Holy Diver" and "Last in Line" as those are vastly superior to this piece of partial-junk.