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Dio feels your pain, and he wrote a song about it - 99%

mentalendoscopy, May 2nd, 2010

An interesting thing to note about Dio, is that unlike many metal bands of this era, who were obsessed with appearing as badasses, Dio appeared as a more realistic figure. It's rare you'll ever hear Dio sing about Satan, or sing about how great metal is, or about war and civil injustice. Dio instead focused on real emotions and the things that really kept him up at night. He hid these true feelings behind metaphors which were truly genius, so that the more articulate fans could pick out the real meaning, but the more typical headbangers could think his songs were really about dragons and the devil.

The whole album is filled with these genius metaphors, but the best example of it would have to be the second-to-last track, "Rainbow in the Dark". Here, Dio sings about how alone and torn he felt after having been kicked out of Black Sabbath in favor of Ian Gillan. It's an extremly emotional track and a true masterpiece as it (at least to me) feels like it was written for you. It's like you confessed your feelings to Dio, so he's saying "Dude, it's all going to be alright". The keyboards add to this greatly, opening with one of the most memorable keyboard intros metal has ever had.

Overall, this is a great track from a great artist, on a classic album. Of all of the metal ballads, I think this is my favourite (even above "Fade to Black"). I suggest you buy this song's respective album as soon as possible if you don't own it already.