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One of the greatest heavy metal songs ever - 90%

hailmarduk666, April 23rd, 2008

First of all, Dio is one of the most innovative, and recognized metal icons the world has ever known.

Gypsy: An excellent rocking song, along the vein of ACDC's Back in Black. A good riff, but the lyrics are not as good as some of the other songs that are on the full length, notably the title track, and lyrically probably one of my favorite tracks on Holy Diver; Don't Talk To Strangers. The solo isn't as good as it probably could've been, there really isn't much to this song, it's just a rockin' early 80's metal song.

Rainbow in the Dark: This is one of my all-time favorite metal songs ever. It's the epitome of metal; the killer riff...the amazing vocals, the synth. The amazing solo in the middle of the song. There is nothing lacking in this song. I bang my neck to this song so hard. Just when each verse starts and there's that pause....and then WHAM! the crash of the symbols, the breakdown on the drums....and then that riff starts all over again, and it's just perfect. The song crescendos to a shredding riff about 3 minutes in, and then a reprise of the first verse with a little more gusto....the song climaxes, and when begins to fade leaves any normal metal maniac scrambling for the rewind button to hear that amazing, fucking kick-ass song again!