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One of my favorite songs, ever. - 97%

SirMetalGinger, October 14th, 2012

Every once in a while, I get addicted to a song, and almost can't bring myself to listen to anything else. (Revolution is My Name, Electric Eye Peace Sells for example.) Rainbow in the Dark is more than that. This song is more than any passing interest, it is an incredible rock masterpiece. I really can't sum it up better than that.

Rainbow in the Dark starts out with a huge, epic guitar chord that flies in the face of pop-hook convention. Then it bursts into an intricate riff, and a keyboard line that you will be humming later on, guaranteed. Dio's vocals kick in soon enough, and his voice, as many loyal metal fans know, is enough to induce eargasms within a square mile. The lyrics have been considered cheesy by many more "brutal" metalheads, but they have a rather charming camp that I really can't help but enjoy. The chorus is great, and may likely have you singing along by the end. The solo blazes like all Hell, one of the best ever penned.

Gypsy isn't as good, but it has the unfortunate curse of being after the song Holy Diver (on the album of the same name) and Rainbow in the Dark (in the single version of that song). It really is underrated, and never had a chance to shine being outweighed by those two superior songs The lyrics are a little repetitive, but the riff is great, and of course Dio's voice could carry any song. Ultimately, not to be overseen.

So that's my review of Rainbow in the Dark, I can't recommend that song enough. However, I advise you to buy the entire Holy Diver album, because it really is an incredible masterwork. Don't miss out on all the other underrated gems.