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Best. Single. Ever. - 100%

Dark Belial, May 25th, 2010

This is by far the best single I have ever heard (or probably will ever with Dio's recent passing). This album basically sums up why Dio is such an iconic and brilliant musician.

Rainbow In the Dark, although originally deemed by Dio himself to be "too pop", is now considered one of the hallmarks of classic metal. It starts off with a wonderful little keyboard riff and heads into a powerful guitar riff and the similarly powerful vocals Dio is best known for. Just the first line of "When there's lightning..." sends a shiver down my spine with just how kick-ass he sounds. Following two verses of pure metal, we get an insane solo by Campbell. Its speed and intensity just blow me away every time I hear it. It then goes into the third and final verse, and, when it climaxes, you swear the world will end due to an overload of godly sounds.

Gypsy is basically just a great 80's hard rock song. It's got a nice riff to it, a fast solo, and vocals that could tear through steel. Although it is not as good as Rainbow In the Dark, they balance each other out quite well.

Anyway, I recommend this album to literally anyone. Go out, buy it, and then rock out for the rest of your days.