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Dio Classic Singles Part I - 75%

CannibalCorpse, July 10th, 2007

"Rainbow in the Dark" is - apart from the title track - one of Dio's best-known songs and rightfully so.

The famous keyboard line in the chorus is not loved by everyone, the main reason for it being too loud that it buries the nice guitar riffs quite a bit. I'm not all that picky though, so to this fits just fine, since the whole "Holy Diver" album did mainly focus on Dio's fantastic vocals. Still, while the riffs themselves are memorable, I'd like to see them put in the foreground a bit more, since they are well written and so is the nifty solo-section - courtesy of Vivian Campbell.

For many, the Holy Diver - The Last In Line era was Dio's peak vocal-wise and I can see that right away (even though I do prefer him in Black Sabbath's "Dehumanizer") as he belts out some great vocal lines here, especially the chorus part does stick with you after the second or third listen.

The only thing this single (the album it was taken from as well) suffers from is the somewhat aged production. I'd love to hear this not only remastered, but re-recorded since it would bring out the songs strengths even more.

Long story cut short, Dio's single "Rainbow in the Dark" is a very good classic Heavy Metal track and even though some hardcore fans overrate it beyond belief, it is definitely worth checking out.