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Master of Doom Metal - 92%

PowerMetalGuardian, September 10th, 2004

Master of the Moon. A come back for Dio? No, seeing as how he is still up there in the metal world, and that he never has come down. Master of the Moon is a good album nonetheless. It seems as though Dio has gone back to his Doom side, which explains why most of the songs are slow.

There are two types of guitar riffs on this album. The frist type is the slow, doom like kind. There are a couple of songs that are super slow. Some examples are The Man Who Would Be King and The Eyes. These are your typical doom metal songs. Slow, crunching riffs, that are filled with evil. The other type of guitar riff is a medium paced guitar riff. These riffs are crunched with some pretty cool palm muting. The Shiver displays this style the best. In fact, these three songs I have mentioned have some pretty memorable riffs. Some other good riffs are the main verse to Living a Lie and chorus to One More For the Road.

There are some other driving forces to this album. Adding Jeff Pilson’s style of bass guitar is a plus for this album. There are a lot of driving forces behind the bass guitar, some nice bass leads, and Pilson does what he does best –support the music. The drumming is well done, and so is the keyboards. The only time that the keyboards actually leaped out at me was in the song The Eye. It does this cool effect now and then in the song that gives it some more characterization.

The best thing about this album is Dio’s singing. The man hasn’t lost it. Dio’s voice is just like Dio on Holy Diver. So if you like Dio’s style of singing then you will like this. The best way to describe this album is like tacking Dio’s Black Sabbath work, mixing it with Killing the Dragon. So If you like the slow, evil, doom metal style of Dio, or you just like Killing the Dragon, then you will enjoy this new piece of heavy metal.