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Best DIO album to date - 95%

Peestie, September 5th, 2004

First, let me say, there are no filler tracks on this album and second: This album will not grab you right away! Give it 6 or 7 spins and you will love it, not fasted paced, but certainly a masterpiece. Now to the review:

Opening with "One More For The Road" which is a fast paced rocker. Fantastic start, and as stated by Warlord, it would be great opening live. The lyrics are about the Witch Hunts, but could easily be applied to modern day society with our eagerness to condemn people for crimes before trial etc. Just alternate interpretation though, as Ronnie himself said it was about the Witch Hunts.

Then onto the title track. Have you ever heard a weak title track by Dio? No? Well then you may continue waiting as this one ROCKS! Strong Magica influences, and could easily fit on Magica II. Slow pace, fantastic song, great lyrics, everything is amazing (just like the rest of the album). I really like Jeff's bass on this song in particular though I think his bass is great the whole way through.

Track Three is probably the weakest in my opinion because the music isn't really doomy enough for the lyrics, and I'm not so keen on the AC/DC-ish riff (which doesn't dominate the second half, which I find much more enjoyable as a result). I say it is the worst, but it by no means bad, just less memorable than the others (but the end is great). It is a good song, but it just isn't my thing for one reason or another that I can't put my finger on.

Shivers is next and it has a great chorus. Slow/Mid pace with a killer riff and excellent keyboards by Scott Warren. The lyrics could be considered a bit cheesy I suppose, but I love them, especially at the end. An excellent track, and I'm sure it would be a strong contestant for best on the album.

The Man Who Would Be King is another slow paced song (good thing I LOVE slower paced songs) that deals with a certain American president we all know, but it doesn't have to be taken that way, as it could also deal with the crusades in the middle ages (as it was originally written).

The Eyes!! I was lucky enough to hear this song live in Glasgow on his tour an it blew me away. The studio version has the same effect. I'll have to agree with everyone else who has written a review and say that it is destined to become a Dio classic and hopefully a live show staple. Lyrics deal with a very paranoid person and the end is very geared toward live shows. Personally I think the end isn't as good in the studio version as it drags just a tad too long for me personally, but it doesn't detract from the song as a whole.

Living the Lie is another fasted paced song. Ronnie puts allot of effort into the vocals of this song and it probably has one of the most "air-guitar" solos on the album (at least I find myself playing along with it lol). Don't know what I can say about the rest of the song. Solid riff, great bass and drums, just an all round good song.

I Am is the little brother of I from Dehumanizer lyrically, but not as heavy musically. Another Slow/Mid paced song with a really strong chorus and good solo by Craig. [As a side note, while all of Craig's solos are very good, very few of them jump out at you like Doug's, which I think is better, but if you listen to them you hear they are enjoyable!!]

Death by Love is another stand out track for me. Mid paced song that just rocks! I adore the riff and the chorus. The lyrics are very "Lady Evil" and slightly Alice Cooper-esque. I can't say much more about it other than I love it.

In Dreams is the closer and it is very good. It's much stronger than Cold Feet from KTD as a closer. It is not one of the best songs on the album, but still a very solid rocker and an excellent closer.

In closing I would say that MOTM is my favourite DIO album, and may in time overtake the Dio-Sabbath albums and Rainbow albums, but it has yet to do that. The secret weapon of this album is Scott Warren. He adds atmosphere to all of the songs and fits in very well. My compliments to him for a fine job done!!! I liked this album on first listen, giving it a place in the top half of all Dio's releases i.e. good, but not a masterpiece, but on second and third listens it jumped WAY up that list and is now the best of his releases with DIO. KTD was quite weak in my opinion with only 3 songs that held any interest, but I expected good things from this album and it payed off.A far cry from KTD and Sacred Heart (two rather boring albums with the exception of a few songs.)
The style is not really all that similar to Strange Highways or Dehumanizer, or even Magica or Dream Evil. It is just the combination of all of the albums he has ever done. It is, to my mind at least, a new sound unto itself, though if you didn't like the above named albums for their slower pace, then this may not be your cup of tea, though I'm sure you will still enjoy it if you pick up a copy and give it a few spins to get into it.