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Slow but decent effort - 70%

Metalbrazil, August 27th, 2004

The mere fact that few would be able to recall Dio's more recent discography sure shows that the legend latest albums failed to to make much an impression. But a Dio fun never gives up.

Master of the Moon is an uncomplicated effort with direct songs and a straighforward production that I appreciated very much (because it is easy to get tired after so many overproduced metal albums). Dio's voice is high on the mix, but he is singing very well. The band is strong, but never occupy the spotlight. Craig Goldy's solos, for instance, although excellent, fail to impress those looking for guitar magazine pages. Simon Wright is very predicable, as always, but nonetheless a solid pair with Rudy Sarzo's bass wich comes very contained.

The album is short at 46 minutes (and there is a sensation that the last song was a filler to make it at least over 40). But the truth is: as the fashion points again to 40 minutes albums, the condensation certainly makes Master of the Moon better than it would be on a 70 minutes album. It is just a very decent effort, absolutely metal, loud, but at a slow place.

Opener is the quickest one and after just a few bars you have the chorus, which means Dio was looking for memorable melodies. After the third spin, I could say that this objective is achieved and I kept Master of the Moon on my player for half a dozen more spins before offering the place to a newcomer.

BY MetalBrazil