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Underrated... - 85%

Sinner, December 22nd, 2002

The fifth full length Dio album and for one reason or another also one of the least popular ones - even though in my opinion this is a large step forward compared to "Dream Evil" (on which Ronny & Co. somehow seemed to lack creativity, energy and ideas).

Main and most interesting newcomer in the band is guitarist Rowan Robertson (only 19 when picked up by Dio) who gives the album a somewhat heavier and bluesier feel than usual ("Twisted" and "Evil On Queen St.") - it can be considered to be quite a shame that this collaboration ended so abrubtly because I really would have liked to hear more from this talented guitarplayer.

As far as i'm concerned this is easily one of the better Dio albums songwise - with excellent tracks as the fast opener "Wild One", the mid-tempo "Born On The Sun", the balladesque "Hey Angel" and "Between Two Hearts" and the excellent closing song "My Eyes". Well worth a buy if you are able to track it down.