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Killing, indeed - 78%

nothingman, August 2nd, 2002

The album may not be one of dio's finest, but it is definately killing. The tracks vary from rock to metal, and tracks like Cold Feet, Guilty, and Before The Fall are absolutely nothing more but filler material. The riffing varies from faster to slower, technical to catchy.
Killing he Dragon is opened by a slaying title track, with epic lyrics about... well dungeons and dragons! The following "Along Comes A Spider" is an awesome track as well, but "Scream" is a bit of a step-down. It's the first song on the more rock side of the album. Things get better again, with "Better In The Dark", which is more in vein of the first two songs. "Rock And Roll" has a very decieving name, because the track is as metal as it gets, and in my opinion, is the peack of the release. Part of it is also the best rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" I've ever heard. After that the only trully good song is "Throw Away The Children", and all of the tracks apart from "Push" sound like filler. "Push" is definately a rock track, with a catchy riff and lyrics, but it doesn't stand up to the rest of the good tunes on the album. As for "Trow Away The Children", it has a slower, heavier riff to it, and a very catchy chorus, the song is close to being a ballad, I enjoy it a lot, especially the kid choir in the end (it fits perfectly :D). To sum it up, the best track is "Rock And Roll", the worst is "Cold Feet"
Overall, the album sounds like something in between Magica and Dio's 80's material, and though the lyrics are certainly not the best by the man, the album is fairly good.