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Wasted Opportunity - 60%

Sinner, December 22nd, 2002

Dio's first full-length live album in 15 years time and what a dissapointment it turned out to be.

First off there is the incredibely bad timing - this album is recorded on the tour for what must be the weakest Dio album in history ("Angry Machines") and with a guitarplayer whose style is largely incompatible with most of Dio's old material (not to mention the Rainbow and Sabbath tracks).

Then there is the setlist - which passes up on no less than 3 complete albums and mainly consists of "Holy Diver" and Rainbow / Sabbath tracks, totalling 10 tracks out of 15 (not counting intro and solo's) which imo opinion is a complete disgrace - i'm sure plenty of fans would have rather heard "Dream Evil", "Evil eyes", "Sacred Heart", "Lock up The Wolves" or "Born On The Sun" than for example a "Mistreated" or "Long Live Rock & Roll".

However it has to be said that the album isn't complete trash - the production is well above average, and like always, Dio's singing is top notch. It's just a shame that this album could have been so much more than what it actually turned out to be - as it stands it's just an above average record, only intended for die-hard fans of the band.