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Not as good as the source material. - 70%

txguitarmassacre, November 6th, 2007

Dio's "Holy Diver Live" is by no means a landmark in music history. The album is average, and contains its good and bad points. The first disc is just as explained with the title. It's Holy Diver, in its sequential entirety (for the most part) played live, and the second disc contains some of Dio's tunes from Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his solo career. The songs should not be foreign to anyone following Dio.

The sound quality is good, with relatively very little to criticize. All of the instruments can be heard clearly along with Dio. However, the pyrotechnics can be heard at some points (especially during “Heaven and Hell”), and sometimes when the audience is supposed to sing the lyrics they can’t be heard as well. The performance is excellent, save for a few points. Dio sounds very slightly hoarse on the "title" song but can still hit most of the notes. "Gypsy" was awesome, but would have been better if there was a seperation from the drum solo. The unaccompanied drum and guitar solos demonstrate talent, but are at the same time unremarkable. “Shame on the Night” is almost seventeen minutes long on this disc, drawn out too far. On “Sign of the Southern Cross” the intro is skipped, and the omission actually detracted from the quality of the composition. The live version of “Heaven and Hell” is about 12 minutes long, but works better than “Shame on the Night”.

Overall, it’s well… average. Despite its drawbacks, it’s still a great album to listen to. I can very safely say that if I were present I’d have gladly screamed along with the masses. But unless you’re a Dio fan already, you’re not missing anything special.