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What Can I Say...? It's A Masterpiece - 100%

NecroWraith, February 10th, 2007

Holy Diver… Dio’s legendary debut album. This album is the definition of heavy metal. This album is flawless. This album is perfect. This album is amazing. This album is incredible. This album is epic. This album is classic. This album is astounding. I could go on for hours praising the greatness of ‘Holy Diver.’ Dio is a genius, and this is the album that forever earned him a place in heavy metal history.

The album starts out with the anthemic ‘Stand Up And Shout.’ The second I heard this song, I knew this album was gonna be great. “You've got desire!!! So let it out!!! You've got the power!!! Stand up and shout!!! Shout! Shout! Stand up and shout!!!”

Dio seemed to put together all the good things he had when working on albums with legends like Rainbow and Black Sabbath, as well as the live contributions to Deep Purple, and more. This album has it all. Killer riffs, godly vocals, smart and intelligent lyrics, great and catchy melodies and choruses, perfect keyboards… not one thing on here lacks.

This album has no fillers whatsoever. Every song is a classic. All the way from the anthem for metalheads everywhere, ‘Stand Up And Shout’ to the darker ‘Shame On The Night’, ‘Holy Diver’ is a success. Best songs on here would definitely be ‘Stand Up And Shout,’ ‘Holy Diver,’ and ‘Rainbow In The Dark.’ ‘Rainbow In The Dark,’ for example, uses keyboards similar to how Rainbow used them in classics such as ‘Stargazer.’ The song is INCREDIBLY catchy… Dio’s voice is perfect, and fits in with the music flawlessly.

The production on this album is also amazing. No instrument is too loud, no instrument too quiet. Dio’s voice is slightly louder than anything else, and the drums backing up his voice add even more power to his booming, commanding voice. Dio is one of metal’s greatest singers, right up there with Dickinson and Halford, and this album proves this point unquestionably.

I barely ever rate an album a perfect 100, but Dio leaves me no choice. No matter how hard I try, I cannot find anything wrong with ‘Holy Diver.’ This is a classic that will be remembered forever, and a major milestone in heavy metal music. Anyone who doesn’t own it cannot possibly consider themselves a metalhead.

-Marcin C.