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Dio Classic Singles Part V - 90%

CannibalCorpse, July 14th, 2007

The "Holy Diver" single is definitely one of the best singles that Dio has released in his entire career. It features three songs, the title track being the ultimate Dio classic that is loved by about anyone I can think of. Luckily, the other two tracks also belong to the greater side of Dio's back catalogue.

"Evil Eyes" is one of the best tracks on the great "The Last in Line" album, featuring a nifty vocal delivery by the great dwarf that is Dio and some excellent riffing by the legendary Vivian Campbell.

"Don't Talk to Strangers" is also one of the highlights on Dio's unforgettable classic that is "Holy Diver". It starts off in a rather balladesque fashion but soon explodes in a semi-fast riff with additional aggression in Dio's vocals. The lyrics are rather nice, even though I prefer the more hateful, politically charged lyrics in later albums. Vivian Campbell does a great job again; especially the part melodic/part shred solo simply smokes.

I won't have to say much about the title track since it's one of the most well known songs in the heavy metal genre and arguably the best track in Dio's entire career. An eternal classic that doesn't need many words - simply a fantastic song.

If you are new to Dio, this is probably the best start - the single features one mid-paced and heavy rocker, a faster, almost speed-metallic song and a more balladesque track. A great combination that gives a nice overview about many defining aspects of the band.

A classic single.