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Yep, This is Pretty Lame, The Cover Fooled Me! - 65%

PowerProg_Adam, September 7th, 2003

Here we have one of the founding fathers of metal, Dio, however this is an album without Vivian Campbell and you can easily tell, the solos are really nothing spectacular. It is a rather disappointing follow up to Sacred Heart and isn't even in the same league as Holy Diver. Most can tell that this is where Ronnie really began to run short on ideas. I'm not saying this album is totally worthless(the album cover is extremely eerie, but says nothing for the music), but about 80 percent of the album is repeated simplistic choruses, the most obvious major examples being Faces in the Window, When a Woman Cries, and Overlove.

Most Dio albums tend to die out towards the end, but Dream Evil never really gets started. There are pretty much only about 3 songs here that I can listen to, those being Night People, Dream Evil, and All the Fools Sailed Away. The latter being by far the best song on the album with a very grandeur chorus and a really good solo and also decent riffs. Besides Angry Machines, I would view this as Dio's lowest moment.