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Pretty boring, indeed... - 55%

Nhorf, October 26th, 2008

One more Dio album suffering from the same problem all his other ones suffer from: the lack of variety. All the songs are too damn similar, following simple and overused structures (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus). On the other hand, Dio's vocals here are exceptional, very strong and powerful. He really adds something to the tunes, with his fantastic voice.

Anyways, individually, there are not many stand-outs present here. I guess “All the Fools Sailed Away” is the best song, being just a little bit more elaborated than the other songs. A decent ballad, at the end of the day. “Night People” is a good opener, great main riff. In fact, there are some worth listening riffs on the album, the title track has plenty of them now that I think of it. When the fifth track, “Naked in the Rain” kicks in, you'll probably want to stop listening to Dream Evil though, since this tune is more of the same. The same old chorus, the recycled riffs, etc, etc... The next four songs are very weak and basically... more of the same. Really, this album is just a mixture of songs that sound all the same. Please, we want variety. Production-wise, this album is almost flawless, great mixing with the keyboard playing adding a nice atmosphere to the whole record. The drums also sound great, despite the drum performance being a bit on the average side.

So, a pretty bad album, all in all. Still, there are some highlights and average songs, but I won't recommend this to anyone. Meh, if you're a big fan of Dio's work, I guess you'll enjoy this album, otherwise forget it. Imagine Holy Diver or Last in Line with weaker songs and you get a nice mental picture of what this piece is.

Best Moments of the CD:
-the beginning of the album, perhaps.

PS. the artwork rules!