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Dio's Weakest album to date... - 45%

Sinner, December 22nd, 2002

Following 2 years after the (incredibely underrated) "Strange Highways" comes "Angry Machines" - an album which, sadly, can be described as Dio pushing the previous album (musically and lyrically) not TO the edge but darn well OVER it - resulting in a free fall into mediocracy.

Simply put, everything which worked so well for "Strange Highways" doesn't seem to be working on here - it seems as if Dio himself was unsure and confused about the direction to follow - resulting in an album filled with different ideas (some good, some not) but without any form of cohesion.

It starts well enough with "Institutional Man", a dark and plodding song and somewhat of a follow-up to the title-track of the previous record, and both "Don't Tell The Kids" (up-tempo) and "Hunter Of The Heart" (mid-tempo and groovy) can also be considered to be top class material but the rest of the tracks are just plain boring ("Big Sister", "Double Monday" or "Stay Out Of My Mind" anyone ? I didn't think so eh...).

Shame - but this album pretty much lacks everything which made Dio so great (save for the vocals, which are great like usual) - die-hard fans can pick it up (cheap though, don't waste money on this) to complete their collection, but the rest of you - steer clear !!