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Not essential, but cool to have. - 80%

pickharmonic, January 29th, 2006

The version of the World Misanthropy DVD that I got didn't come with the bonus CD so I had to buy it separately. I'm a huge Dimmu fan so I needed to have it haha. The CD consists of 6 tracks, one unreleased track, one re-recording, and 4 live tracks recorded at Wacken Open Air.

"Masses For The New Messiah" is the first track on the CD. This was an unreleased track for the Spiritual Black Dimensions sessions. It starts off with a nice keyboard intro and then everything kicks in behind it, too bad it wasn't included in the final cut of the Spiritual... album. Next track is a re-recording of the old song "Devil's Path". This is definitely the highlight of the CD. This track was recorded during the Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia sessions. A lot of people don't like this version of the song since it's all polished up and everything, but I fucking love it. The song is much more epic sounding. The guitar solo by the one and only Andy LaRocque at the end of the song is fucking amazing. The last 4 tracks are all live recordings of PEM songs from Wacken. They're pretty good, I just don't like the recording that much...they're aren't terrible or's probably the best they could get from an outdoor recording.

I think die-hard Dimmu fans should have this CD, but anyone just getting into them shouldn't get this until they know their music pretty well.