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prometeus, July 9th, 2011

There are a few ways a band can become commercial: by selling out, by releasing attractive and quality music or just quality music that becomes, at a certain point, attractive for a great number of people. Dimmu still managed to release, via NB a great product. This DVD kills, but could have been better. The musicianship is tight, great, the live recording is rawer and the song selection is close to perfection: a lot of fast-paced songs vs. the more mid-paced of newer DB.

The first thing you'll notice is that Shagrath's voice is weaker, though occasionally throwing a good effect growl or scream. Also, his stage antiques are not perfected yet: he still seems a little shy, but not as he was on EDT tour. Mustis doesn't play good at all compared to his studio efforts - must be the lack of proper equipment or a bad choice of replacement: either way, he improved his skills over the years despite his increasing lack of songwriting contributions. Galder and Silenoz do a great job at the rhythm department, despite Galder's incompetence on playing the solos. Vortex has almost impeccable playing; the only bad thing noticed was the lack of proper warming of his voice at Wacken. His bass also is impeccable played and audible at Wacken, which has the greatest sound. Barker also plays very well, adding a new dimension to the songs composed before his arrival in Dimmu, but tending to make mistakes on the new ones, but, as I've realized, most bands tend to make mistakes with the new songs.

If I'll have to choose between the Wacken or Stuttgart shows, the first one has most of the mistakes, but the best live recording I like to think I know and a rawness that captivated me and still captivates me, but Stuttgart has a more diverse set list and better performance, the only thing bothering me being Galder's mistakes. So, the latter will have to be the winner.

Continuing with the second DVD, the polish gig was great, although they've not included the recording of Mourning Palace, when Shagrath makes a very obvious mistake. The playing is tight, in general, and the atmosphere is incredible! Too bad that the DVD contains a few retarded and unnecessary video clips. AND to show that the band didn't forget its roots, they've included a garage recording!

A nice addition was the funny extras of the fooling around behind the scene, thus infirming the selling out, although the point is living your life not watching others doing it, but it doesn't hurt to learn a few pranks to do to your friends. In conclusion, I recommend this DVD to any DB fan and to try not to be that focused on the technicality of the shows, because it's clear you can't pretend perfection from a band that already proved not trying to get close to perfection.

P.S. I still like to listen to Kings..., Tormentor of Christian Souls and Indoctrination (the live versions), because they kick so many asses.