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Ruined for radio - 24%

firebee1, August 18th, 2008

The Vredesbyrd single is such an epic fail. Don't get me wrong, both songs featured here (the B-side being Progenies of the Great Apocalypse) are both fine tracks and definitely stand out on the mostly unremarkable Death Cult Armageddon album. The problem is that both the songs are cut to shreds, shortened for play on the radio. I don't really understand why, Vredesbyrd is originally less than five minutes long, which isn't exactly an Opeth epic. There's all sorts of little cuts that I recognize having been taken from it and it's really irritating. If a riff is played twice, it's cut down to one. If there's an instrumental section before the next verse, it's cut out completely. The song feels like it's in an immense fucking hurry to be over so the radio station can play Metallica again or something. The same goes for Progenies, all its little parts are carefully picked at and sectioned off slightly. Oh wait, what am I talking about, an ENTIRE FUCKING VERSE IS MISSING. Christ, it's not even worth putting on the radio if 25% of the song isn't even going to be played. I don't understand why the songs had to be edited so much, they would've made a great single if they were in their entirety. Instead, they sacrifice their state of being epic for a state of being short and that is completely unacceptable.