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The full concept of a medieval album in one song! - 100%

Daniel_2007_Pendulum, March 4th, 2008

"The Serpentine Offering", unlike the other songs of the album "In Sorte Diaboli", contains by itself the entire essence of the album. The best song of the album, and one of the best song of Dimmu Borgir's history.

Do you ask me why I think like this? Well, I think the reason is obvious: the song is one of the most solid black metal songs I've ever listened to. Most of the black metal songs include only harsh vocals, speed riffs and no logic and sequence in their lyrics. But Dimmu Borgir has always gone further away from the typical parameters of the black metal genre, including clean vocals, solid satanic topics for their lyrics, and even symphonic elements. And "The Serpentine Offering" is an excellent proof of that.

But the thing that makes this single that great is the music video that was made for it. A very few times I've seen another video better than this one. It's almost perfect in every aspect: story, quality, characters... And it describes perfectly the concept of the album, just like the song does.

I have never agreed with those ones who believe that this single sounds like crap: I think it is great and it's worth every cent that is paid for it. So, forget what you've listened and read about it and just listen to the song.