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As Bland as it Gets - 15%

CannibalCorpse, April 25th, 2007

I'm not too familiar with the complete discography by Dimmu Borgir, but after listening to this, I surely don't want to hear the new album any longer.

I heard some people raving about the upcoming "In Sorte Diaboli" album and how it brought back the riffs and more of a real black metal sound. I wasn't naive enough to believe it, but I still wanted to check if the shitty elements most prevalent on "Deathcult Armageddon" have disappeared or at least lessened.

The answer is, of course, no.

Luckily, I chose this single instead of wasting valuable bandwidth for the full album. "The Serpentine Offering" can be summarized in a few words: faggotry keyboards, br00tal gr00ve riffs + shitty, monotone vocals.

The lack of real guitar riffs is the most apparent problem here, because the actual "riffs" that appear in this song sound as if they were the offspring from some mid-90s groove metal band ("Walk", anyone?). They simply don't fit to sub par raspy screams (or shall I say, talking?) and walls of keyboard noise.

Shagrath has improved a slight bit though, but that doesn't say much, since I can't remember hearing a worse "black" metal vocalist than him before. Most of his vocal work on this single sounds like exaggerated talking in a screechy tone.

They said that Hellhammer plays on this album, but all I hear is some average doublebass/fill work which could literally be any half-decent drummer out there.

Enough of the bashing, let's get to the positive points of this album.

Oh, wait, there are none. This is simply as bland as it gets.