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prometeus, February 2nd, 2014

The music on this E.P. would have been better sounding if the keyboards would have not existed or if there was a piano player, but still, the music is not great. The band was at its beginning and the members didn't know how to play their instruments. But that has been said already and I will point out the real strengths and weaknesses of the release.

First of all, I love the cover because it's really appropriate for the theme evoked by the lyrics and the music: sorrow, dawn, the darkness etc.

Second, the atmosphere is well created by the guitars and, sometimes, by the keyboards. When hearing "Inn I Evighetens I" and "Raabjorn", the guitar parts are mainly made as if for acoustic guitars, good to scare people on camp fire or the neighbors, because they are disturbing. I think Tjodalv plays them, because they are the easiest ones. Everything is ruined by "Inn I Evighetens Morke II", a short headbangable song, but not when you are depressed; it's too fast, too loud and has a punkish vibe. Then, there’s Shagrath's drumming, which is sloppy, over the place at times and loud in the mix, not to mention the out of tune premier drum.

The keyboards are the main problem of the album. Those eerie sounds, reminiscent of the intro from "X Files" TV series, are fucking annoying! I know the guy wasn't into metal at all, but some ambient sounds like the ones used in the intro of the title track from "For All Tid" would have sounded divine compared to what he did! Even the one dimensional use of the piano all the time would have made this release better. The production doesn't help either, because it leaves the distorted guitar in the background, so we can "admire" this bullshit of a composition. I don't know why some people praise Stian Aarstad, because here, Silenoz and Tjodalv are the actual stars. Even Tristan, with his bass playing, does a better job in creating an atmosphere worthy of the theme adopted.

So, this is not essential even if you are a fan of the band and you like black metal that isn't super fast, but more melodic than Burzum, or black metal with keyboards. In the end, is not as worse as some say, just decent at best!