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In eternal darkness... And stay there! - 25%

Whalenut, July 7th, 2011

This release should give hope to every starting metal band on the planet. Look guys, even if you don’t master your instruments, even if you suck a bit, with a bit of exercise and motivation you still can have an international musical career.

The atmosphere of the CD is what we can expect from early Dimmu Borgir. Threatening and melancholic, with single string strum black metal riffs and chaotic drums.

The music sounds like typical 90’s black metal: very raw and poorly produced. While it translates the feeling and mindset of the scene at the time, the result is hardly enjoyable. I don’t know how skilled the musicians were at that time, but the songs are not very well played, which also could mean it was recorded and edited hastily. Was it a budget thing or just mediocrity, I guess we’ll never know.

“EP” is a keyword here. If this was released as a demo, the standard would be lower, and some things would make more sense. But the band (or label?) released it as an EP, and so it shall be reviewed as an EP. This means the quality falls short on every front: the drums are floating and the other instruments try their best to follow, but don’t quite succeed. The overall sound quality is quite low, even for earlier standards. I wonder if they used a guide track while recording, my guess is they didn’t.

Not all is horrible on Inn I Evighetens Mørke (“In eternal darkness“), the band put the riffs quite coherently together and the songwriting skills are there, it’s just that they are buried in amateurism. Luckily they realized soon enough they had the potential to actually make good music and evolved into a really good band. As I said: there is hope for every starting metal band.